Mango Tangy

                                                          Apart from being an ardent dosa lover, my hubby is a huge fan of fruit juices. Though I love juices too, my way of fruit intake mostly is eating them as they are, without juicing them up.  Most juices need sieving which sieves the fiber in them. Also sugar is added to juices which makes it very unhealthy. So the healthiest way is to eat the fruits just like that. But what if you love juices? Yes, try and make them the healthy way. Like this Mango Tangy! 
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Mom's recipe of Carrot Pulao

                                          Pulao's are normally made with a whole lot of veggies in them. So how can this simple carrot pulao taste good? Simple, because it is filled with a mother's secret and most prized ingredient. Love, of course! Though my pulao tastes very close to what my mom makes, I can never get the exact taste due to the extra love she adds in all her dishes. Is it not the same with all moms?
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Instant Poha Oats Dosa | Quick beaten rice dosa with oats

                                                  Ever since I received many positive feedbacks for my Instant Wheat flour dosa, my hubby was giving me many instant dosa ideas. He went through older recipes and we kept discussing various combinations. Finally, I got this idea of combining oats and poha (Like my Oats Poha idlis ) and grinding it with rava istead of rice (which needs soaking).

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Eggless Butter Cookies | Easy wheat flour cookies

                                                     Homemade cookies were on my mind since long but never got the courage to try it. We have been looking through countless recipes but most of them were very lengthy and tedious which is a huge turn off for me. I wanted a easy recipe {talk about being a toddler mom} with minimum and easily available ingredients. And this cookie recipe is just that!

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Paneer Hara Masala | Cottage cheese in green gravy

                                                   Paneer lovers', raise your hands please! Okay, I see three pairs of hands here. Two big and one tiny one. Yes, the dosa crazy family is a huge paneer fan too. We can eat, drink and sleep on Paneer (Wow. Imagine the soft Paneer bed. ;)) So while making my mom's style of chutney pulao, this thought struck me of making a paneer gravy with the masala and thus became the Paneer hara masala.
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