Magge Surnali | Mangalore Cucumber sweet dosa

                                                              We have been growing Mangalore Cucumbers or "Magge" (in konkani) since two years now and these dosas have become a part of our life. The harvest during winters is close to 50 and plainly said, I get bored eating sambars and other konkani dishes made out of it. Magge Surnali uses them in the best way we love, the dosa way! You don't even realize there's a veggie hidden inside the sweet dosa.
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Mixed Bean Salad

                                                           The memories of this salad dates back to my first flight to Doha where I was served this gorgeous looking salad with my meal. I was amazed at how these protein rich beans were combined in a salad instead of the rich gravy my taste buds had got so accustomed to. It was the best salad I had ever eaten and it also dawned upon me that healthy food can be tasty after all!
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Broken Wheat and Chana Dal Sweet Khichdi | Konkani style

                                                        Amma said this is the month of khichdi being the time of the auspicious festival celebrated all over India, Makar Sankranti. According to Wikipedia, "Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the sun into the zodiacal sign of Makara (Capricorn) on its celestial path, which is the first change in the zodiac after the winter solstice and is the first day of the month of Magha. The festival is a seasonal observance as well as a religious celebration.So since Amma already gave us a reason to satiate our ever craving sweet tooth, I decided to make the famous Chana Dal Khichdi made at my hubby's place during festive occasions.
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Tomato Omelette | Eggless Vegetarian Omelette

                                                                  Tomato Omelette is very close to my heart as it takes me back to my childhood days. My mom never liked dosa batter to be leftover after breakfast. She used to grind the batter just for one morning (and here I am grinding dosa batters that can last us atleast two days :D) and the leftover batter used to be turned into delicious tomato "omelettes", as she called them. I still remember how she always made sure I get more tomatoes pieces on my omelettes even if that meant she gets none on hers. A mom's love is really so selfless and beautiful. Love you Amma!
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Lemon Mint Rice | Nimbu Pudina Chitranna

                                                        I start this post with my mom's famous dialogue for me and my brother, "Tumka seeth laggana jaleri tenchi sitha ek phanna ghalleri bhari ishta!" {You don't like rice but if the same rice is seasoned in the simplest way, you love it}. Absolutely true. I am not a huge fan of plain rice but rice dishes ranging from this humble lemon chitranna to mom's worlds best carrot pulao to vegetable biriyanis are all my favorite. Is it the same with you?
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