Instant Rava Dhokla | Sooji Dhokla

                                                          Is there any recipe which you love so much that you keep thanking the recipe creator every time you make the dish?  Yes, that dish is this Instant Rava Dhokla for me and the recipe creator is a fabulous cook and a very talented blogger herself, Ruchi Airen of Food Fellas 4 you. I saw this recipe of hers on a common food group we are in and the pictures along with the ease of the recipe made me try it soon.
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Masoor dal Dosa | Instant and Fermented Version | No Rice dosa

                                          Back with one more dosa! Being a dosa lover couple, the humble Indian crepe is dominant in our breakfast menu. And ever since Miss A started understanding food, her only request for breakfast is "Bobbo" (Baby word for dosa in konkani). So you can finally call us a "crazy for dosa" family. Although her favorite is the Matta Rice dosa , she loves all kinds of them. So I make variety dosas so that she does not get bored of the same flavors.
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Easy Eggless Brownie | Using Wheat flour and Jaggery

                                            I am sure all of you must have visited the blog, Veg Recipes of India someday or the other in search of recipes. Run by a talented lady Dassana Amit, this blog is my online recipe book. Whenever I am in need of a new recipe, my first search would be on her site. Not only are her recipes perfect, the step by step pictures attached make them more easy to understand. 
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Quick Schezwan Fried Rice

                                        Fried rice takes me back to the weekend special "fried rice-gobi manchurian" combo we used to wait for. After a week of home made food (which was "boring" for us then), this delicious heaven made match was enjoyed to the fullest. But as we grew up and especially after marriage, the self-realization happened that mom's food is definitely the best. I now crave for everything she made and even after hundred trials, the flavors cannot match hers. The love in her food is the magical ingredient for sure!
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Masala Oats Paratha

                                              Is there ever an end for recipe findings with oats? But what if you find the perfect recipe which is super delicious and contributes to your quick meal options. Yes, this is one such amazing gem of a paratha found by my best buddy Renuka. She is hubby's colleague's wife and lives close by. We meet often when the husbands are busy working and all we do is cook (and of course eat!). The main topic of our conversations also revolve around (you guessed it right!) FOOD. I am really lucky to have such a foodie of a friend in my life. 
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